6.1 - Managing Relationships

6.1 - Managing Relationships

I like to think of relationships like bank accounts. Each relationship starts with a balance. Not necessary the heftiest bank account in the world, but there's some money there. As time goes on, there are deposits and withdrawals that occur in this account. Hopefully, there are more deposits than withdrawals. But, for some relationships, that's not the case. For these kinds of relationships, if the account balance ever dips too low, into single digits or negative, it's time to re-evaluate that relationship. It times to ask, is it serving or is it costing you more than it's worth? 


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I've spent the the majority of my life doubting myself. Doubting whether I was pretty enough, smart enough, capable enough, smooth enough, etc. It was all about whether I was enough. I let people's external validation define me. Or rather, my perceptions of what people thought of me. Those perceptions held me back my entire life. In my career, relationships, perception of myself. Years later, I finally started focusing on what I could do. It took stacks of books and years of diligent work, but I finally feel like I'm moving toward the confident person I want to become!

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