5.4 - Self Care Habits for Physical Confidence

5.4 - Self Care Habits for Physical Confidence

It's not what you want to hear, but if you want to feel physically confident, you need to start by taking care of your body. I like to think of the physical self-care habits in the following manner. I call them the 5 S's of health - Sleep, Sustenance, Strength, Sweat, and Stretch. Today we're going to talk about these self-care practices and habits, their importance and how to make them an integrated part of your life. 

Today's activity:

Below you will find a pdf of a calendar. I either want you to print it out OR if you use your own calendar tracking system, use that. But, I want you to take all the self-care habits we talked about in this video and schedule them. Schedule your sleep. Schedule your meal prepping. Schedule your grocery shopping. Schedule your workouts. Not only what day, but for how long and what you'll do. Re-evaluate how your routine worked. If there was anything that doesn't work in this first week, re-evaluate this routine and adjust it for the next week. Keep re-evaluating and tweaking your routines until you find something that works.


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