4.3 - Authenticity

4.3 - Authenticity

Authenticity is tricky. The ability to feel all of your emotions and not judge yourself for them or the ability to not care about the potential judgments of others or the self-judgment, that's a tricky skill to master. Well, in today's video, we're going to start instilling the behaviors that will move us in that direction. We will talk about what Authenticity is and is not and we will talk about some of the small tools you can use and behaviors you can cultivate to help you live more authentically and unapologetically.


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About Ellyn

I've spent the the majority of my life doubting myself. Doubting whether I was pretty enough, smart enough, capable enough, smooth enough, etc. It was all about whether I was enough. I let people's external validation define me. Or rather, my perceptions of what people thought of me. Those perceptions held me back my entire life. In my career, relationships, perception of myself. Years later, I finally started focusing on what I could do. It took stacks of books and years of diligent work, but I finally feel like I'm moving toward the confident person I want to become!

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