4.1 - Pain vs. Pleasure

4.1 - Pain vs. Pleasure

Did you know that psychologically speaking, humans are much more motivated by avoiding pain than they are by pursuing pleasure? It's why it's often so difficult for us to achieve goals is that we're held back and paralyzed the potential pains associated with the goal achieving process. In today's video, we're going to talk about this notion of pain vs. pleasure, the 3 types of pain, and how we can reframe our pains and our pleasures to hack human psychology and help us to achieve our goals!


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I've spent the the majority of my life doubting myself. Doubting whether I was pretty enough, smart enough, capable enough, smooth enough, etc. It was all about whether I was enough. I let people's external validation define me. Or rather, my perceptions of what people thought of me. Those perceptions held me back my entire life. In my career, relationships, perception of myself. Years later, I finally started focusing on what I could do. It took stacks of books and years of diligent work, but I finally feel like I'm moving toward the confident person I want to become!

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